Crossword Clues

Crossword Clues
Answer Clue
RATTIGAN Writer produces article on Pied Piper's mission, putting name at the end
RATTIGAN Terence ___, author of stage plays French Without Tears and Separate Tables
RATTIGAN Dramatist"s woven material around The Soldier"s Return ...
RATTIGAN Terence -, English playwright
TERENCERATTIGAN Sir - - , English playwright 1911-77
RATTIGAN Sir Terence --, playwright 1911-77
RATTIGAN Terence —, English playwright
TERENCERATTIGAN 'Separate Tables' playwright
RATTIGAN Terence ____ wrote The Browning Version and Separate Tables
RATTIGAN He wrote with Miss Edna in mind
RATTIGAN He staged a version of Lawrence, but not Shaw
RATTIGAN Giant rat created by dramatist
RATTIGAN Playwright Terence
RATTIGAN Sir Terence --, English dramatist
RATTIGAN Terence —, playwright
RATTIGAN Dramatist's mutant giant rat
TERENCERATTIGAN Rate certain gent fantastic as playwright
RATTIGAN His antihero received a Victorian translation of Aeschylus
RATTIGAN Terence, playwright
RATTIGAN Terence —, dramatist
TERENCERATTIGAN ''Separate Tables'' playwright
RATTIGAN Artist beginning to transmit work of giant dramatist
TERENCERATTIGAN Great entrance - it may be conjured up by playwright
TERENCERATTIGAN Acting, entertainer's not popular when playing his work?
RATTIGAN Playwright makes despised beast giant-killer
RATTIGAN Playfellow lost in regatta out east
TERENCERATTIGAN 'The Winslow Boy' playwright

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