the times cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2020 01 01

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Passing fifty-one volts through caused electrical malfunction short-lived
Degrees of precision and what smart men wear? NICETIES
Sailor's muscles? ABS
Awkward for the Left in Paris GAUCHE
Former S African province of birth NATAL
Smashing large bully, by Jove, all over the place! LOVELY JUBBLY
The planes flying could be jumbos ELEPHANTS
Spare top is pinched from wood BONY
Fabulous creature to agree with artist CHIMERA
After moving, girl at hand to pack up, finally GRIND TO A HALT
Press person on latest news that’s travelled fast SPED
Escape paying extra for unauthorised dispatch fly-tipping
Living way east of wine-producing region CRUST
School PTA loses supporters APOSTLES
Get a load of paper to send up LOFT
Background notes in the form of tweets? PIPED MUSIC
Church occasion created by commercial outlets — and in Germany, indeed! ADVENT SUNDAY
Consumption of one interfering with Scandinavian girl’s weight INGESTION
Defeated artillerymen originally evacuated Ypres and Mons? DAYS
Fair name? Appropriate in the case of a woman VANITY BAG
German host with a bishop following old carriage hansom-cab
Horsewoman returning a bottle containing dodgy mixture LADY GODIVA
Paceman’s length I recalled extremely unpredictable quicksilvery
Pair helping one see incomplete requirement SPEC
Party recalled our leading female cellist DU PRE
Outlaw can, if put on spot LITTLE JOHN
Person nibbling tart half-heartedly BITER
Play in dirty yard initially covering very small area UNCLE VANYA
The girl in row five standing up? ENID
Tar on road turned grey DRAB
A little tin with fly in it SMIDGEN
After bad flu, shelling out for cooked breakfast FULL ENGLISH
Driver's aid is what this begins with TEE
Gas and water in French country house CHATEAU
How pantomime ends is silly INANE
Refuse to entertain day in English city LEEDS
Respected hospital given permission HALLOWED
Sort of market for jumper FLEA
Strike in troubled times SMITE
What starts off anxious new guy sensing trouble? ANGST
With force away, not so many in jug EWER
Bar maybe doing its customers punch for sharing CLIP JOINT
Belittle unusual tip: no good for code breaking DECRYPTING
Blade going round front and back of knife VANE
Chap’s moral philosophy greatly diminished RALPH
Unduly optimistic son to stay and watch daughter starry-eyed
Break from education to go into space? GAP YEAR
Complex old boy overlooking meeting OBSESSION
Definitely not a motorway overseas ABROAD
Endless dispute in resort SPA
Idiot in Massachusetts ASS
Misdirect a soldier and there could be this? EGG ON ONES FACE
Sound of hooter about one NOISE