the times cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2019 12 19

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Language comprehended by Armenian or Serbian NORSE
Test spirit of optimism when case dismissed ORAL
Smooth heads seen in reflection, umpteen baldies RUB
Have on a type of leather KID
Kind of gene, extremely typical inside GENTLE
Oddly, isn't entirely put in INSTALL
As before dark, in twilit thicket observation starts DITTO
Carry out pitchfork maybe IMPLEMENT
Go-getter getting back out of dreary country in recession DYNAMO
Staff enlisting characters from the Far East CANTONESE
Some hide ale, ruining trader DEALER
Rod, youthful server BARTENDER
Request individual gets on your bike BEGONE
Records perhaps concerned with contracts RELEASES
Old German forgoing introduction: some nerve! AXON
In conclusion, newspaper upping ante finally — prepare for attack EN GARDE
At the outset, telephone number secure TETHER
A British politician joining party, US-style: reaction tested here? LABORATORY
Frank thus unable to provide signature? OPEN
Face, horrid one GRIMACE
Enjoy oneself, or be sad GET DOWN
Dishonest, unlike Pinocchio's conscience? NOT CRICKET
Credit claimed by bowler for sensational headline SCREAMER
Broken nose requires completely new bandaging, a state MINNESOTA
Big-hitter, banker after a lot of money heading for disaster PILEDRIVER
Strong fastening STRAPPING
Stud's home? Scold the crawler EARWIG
Superior instrument that’s moved right to the front in craft ARROGANT
Warm pieces turned over SNUG
Wine and one soft drink in Ronda, lacking body RIOJA
What beef is to Hindu, I say HOLY COW
Scot's shot over a small republic MALTA
See description in code as cryptic DIOCESAN
See Portland and Augusta possibly consuming large mineral TOURMALINE
Anger professional with very satisfactory English PROVOKE
Country actor sharing top role in cinema appearance first of all COSTA RICA
Credit note returned — it may secure admission TICKET
Fruitful source — a very quiet let, really excellent earnings initially APPLE TREE
Get dressing down as result of gambling disaster? LOSE ONES SHIRT
Higher after second drink? SUP
Indefinitely postpone siting of new Church in California CANCEL
Inducement gets tribe to change leader BRIBE
Once hit in crash, vulnerable ON THIN ICE
Point: cake’s been brought up NUB
Queen by eastern extension ANNEXE
Referring to group’s moral principle, going round North ETHNIC
Remove European plane holding 100 EJECT
Seaman in sub? No, transferred BOSUN
Severely criticize meat dish ROAST
Though briefly accepted by European, unsatisfactory road feature POTHOLE
Two articles on time about plays THEATRE
Where Times may end up — finding water pipe bans out of order? WASTEPAPER BIN