the times cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2019 11 27

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Disaster round hospital, a spectator devastated CATASTROPHE
Sickly-looking magician’s prop incomplete WAN
Teach artist to open some paint? TRAIN
Unavoidable day matron goes mad MANDATORY
Determined soldier must support a parent ADAMANT
Delightful person who works with snakes? CHARMER
Cook for example is an officer CAPTAIN
Companion ordering sec to Asia ASSOCIATE
Cloth is wonderful: sumptuous, almost FABRIC
Appearance of people informally mentioned GUISE
River delta where peas grow POD
Prohibit part of garden? Yes DENY
Penalties extremely severe for bridge manoeuvre FINESSE
Part of Europe that’s a jewel? EMERALD ISLE
One could be Yellow, Red or Black, but conventionally blue SEA
Old kingdom of Crimea devastated MERCIA
Not accept rubbish REFUSE
Miniature version of ancient city, omitting river TOY
Helping to prune opening of formal speech RATION
Get together in a service AMASS
Gesture from breaker WAVE
Final move is to examine partner CHECKMATE
European champion who is clearing out his house? EVICTOR
To purify church, is inclined to enter CLEANSE
Where greedy children save? PIGGY BANK
City just to the west of delta in ricefields LIMA
A house and a car for one turning heads GEMINI
One’s accompanying the Queen visiting military hospital and mess MISHMASH
Put out, I carp KOI
Born bully? TAUREAN
Chap getting publicity free, still concentrating on features? HEADSHOT
City brothels in kinky shows HELSINKI
Commander leading a team reaching peak in S America COTOPAXI
Dickensian orphan Twist in desperate reversal, having no one EDWIN DROOD
Exotic bit of verse could go oddly astray ESCUDO
Expend least effort, as chiropodists do without hesitation CUT CORNERS
Fungus, note, will, finally, before the day’s up MILDEW
Gather friar eats in school TUCK
Gridlocked, perhaps, in transport leaving city STATIC
Insults mate with false respect LIP SERVICE
Legendary red ointment for child that’s really dear CHERUB
My part reduced after reflecting LOR
Readily accept doctor, popular with family DRINK IN
Seeks zoom lens to snap area imposing restrictions SMOKELESS ZONE
Something digital newspaper makes undesirable TOERAG
These usen’t to get worked up about harmful emission? ECONUTS
Thursday broadcast’s before 9 STREWTH
To get around scale, after old-fashioned drill square-bashing
Vegetable to go after in place of game SQUASH COURT
Very close, offering affection HAND IN GLOVE
Wrong start, therefore ignoring that OFFENCE
Work for a while that doctor may take, briefly TEMP
What male dinosaurs could make you? MISANDROUS
Prospect of travel document consuming time VISTA
March features one short horse with bullock following? EQUINOX
Pants one would be expecting to be up! DUFF