the times cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2019 11 19

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Trouble follows an enormous girl ABIGAIL
Ring from vehicle little Terry CARTEL
Man-at-arms announced time to retire NIGHT
Do like to put in some defensive work PARAPET
Selassie devotee overthrowing an emperor RASTA
Awful drivers may stop here THE PITS
Before Norman's denial, answer shortly ANON
Bill collecting £50 for surveyor POLLSTER
Blow up general engaging in manoeuvres ENLARGE
Classical writer of film given Oscar at first OVID
Copy what used to be your secret STEALTHY
Cypriot man's broken handle PATRONYMIC
Dispenser of liquid sulphur supported by petition SPRAYER
Eastern ruler open to the west RAJA
Flatter, like vehicles with raised base WHEEDLE
Good deal for item to be sold LOT
Hard — of hearing? TRYING
Academic clash or wrangling SCHOLAR
Attendant needing coal yet to be moved ACOLYTE
Beat up a Liberal in an old province NATAL
Bellow beginning to race with paddle ROAR
Dictator keeping sulphur in warehouse DESPOT
Female by meadow in little jumper FLEA
Flat-bottomed vessels in Devon river region EXPANSE
For cheese we need Sally churning WENSLEYDALE
Good composer in The Stones? GRAVEL
Government in spotless country house? WHITEHALL
Last of intake failing to pass ELAPSE
Monarch embodies a musical gift EAR
Say purchase mushrooms for muscle BICEPS
The plane designed in East like Jumbo? ELEPHANTINE
Run in next race EXTRA
Snake upset king RATTLER
Verse in Ariosto delights ODE
Vicious perhaps to stop one being supportive ONSIDE
Attractive, e.g. on being shot in image? PHOTOGENIC
Alcoholic drink animated couple TOM AND JERRY
Impressed by onset of emotional charge STAMPEDE
Polish cop to go AWOL, crossing river NAIL VARNISH
Races through homework, a simple piece DITTY
Wholly good air introduced by singer ALTOGETHER
Wrong note gives beat OUTDO
Wears effeminate clothes below the belt UNSPORTSMANLIKE
Sadly banking most of payment (like this) PARENTHETICALLY
Two versions of the writer's books at hand IMMINENT
The writer's twice musing PENSIVE
Suppress dodgy licence, pub losing 100 litres blue-pencil
Sort out hostelry? I’m amazed about that WINNOW
Somewhat paranoid about where Scots live IONA
Sink second drink SCUPPER
One in a canoe at sea where islands abound OCEANIA