the times cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2019 11 11

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Attempt by government to leak information GO PUBLIC
Rough tech Sky developed SKETCHY
Green politician in party starts to spout environmental rot DECOMPOSE
Monk touring China comes to island LA PALMA
Secret agent cunningly amends job JAMES BOND
In summer I captivate a lady.. ERICA
Barely swimming? SKINNY DIPPING
Love missing husband, not that she regrets OTIS
What falls easily to one as Northerner? LAPLANDER
Tongue forming content of metal container INCA
Republican in disreputable club shows ambition DRIVE
Old French city where champagne may be stored? ON ICE
A king in control — in 1066? HAROLD
Thieves beginning to capture valuable pieces CROOKS
Junk entering island by river — Hong Kong feature? SKYSCRAPER
International body and state combine without strings UNCONDITIONALLY
In the morning, I leave friend in Madrid AMIGO
Scare boxer, finally, during bout FRIGHT
Spots food in dining room — no starter provided ESPIES
Scotsman at home with one Italian composer ROSSINI
Nerd starts to acquire new obsession: rare African knives ANORAK
Lyrical judge’s fitting end? POETIC JUSTICE
Coppers must accept an imposed punishment PENANCE
Rosy hiker moves around northern county YORKSHIRE
Humorous issue that shakes corporation? BELLY LAUGH
Doing as ordered one's reaching conclusion DIAGNOSIS
Spiked wheel — gardening tool saving time? ROWEL
Chump expected to seize power DUPE
Hustle drunk detective SLEUTH
Newspaper article by Belgian writer IAN FLEMING
Making a mistake pocketing a piece of jewellery EARRING
Tear at recoiling animal TAPIR
Oration composed for Canadian province ONTARIO
Badger to look around edges of sett PESTER
Teacher beginning to grumble about head GOVERNESS
Useless in record time INEPT
Praise mysterious ancient land PERSIA
Fail to bring fake tan, initially FORGET
Conceited editor to support significant source BIGHEADED
Regular myth, exploded, set in rich ground RHYTHMIC
...and tour decrepit domed building ROTUNDA
Mourned day after soldiers brought in dead LAMENTED
Nation embraces popular French playwright RACINE
New on street, work without break non-stop
Remove heart of beloved tree POPLAR
Arab sycophants shunning second one YEMENI
Praise a declaration in speech ACCLAIM
Dad abandons Spanish dish for this woman ELLA
Something for sucker picking up ball in game LOLLIPOP
Chemical substance spy used against sappers? REAGENT