the times cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2019 11 08

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Notice troubled situation SPOT
Anxious as part of guitar not quite complete FRETFUL
After brawl, dismiss one that may be on your back RUCKSACK
Number returning to a centre of revolution AXIS
Liberal in concern, showing quality of character CALIBRE
Drill to polish up BUR
Church carries on with limited money agreement CONCURRENCE
Funny (not the first) thing astronomer looks into OCULAR
Graduates gather round old British tree BAOBAB
Home Office fight to keep Queen's English trailer HORSEBOX
Artist you would get a peep out of? WHISTLER
Asian team finally breaks through the last batsmen TAMIL
Big bird cost Richard — quite a lot OSTRICH
Decent PM’s opening words? GOOD AFTERNOON
Fear will collapse, getting security software FIREWALL
Got rid of a sitting member, a horror of mine FIREDAMP
Greek character has a large medicine bottle PHIAL
Head lost in fight with English PM ATTLEE
Look into corpse covered in gore BLOODY
More certain resistance stops one taking legal action SURER
On one’s feet with regularity giving instruction to bank STANDING ORDER
Operetta delights one, or otherwise THE GONDOLIERS
Prepared to study history at last READY
Snobbish name received by glove puppet SNOOTY
Speaking, go over and over part ROLE
This shot an important person BIG
Very long sentence in biography LIFE
Wrongly blamed for uproar BEDLAM
Catch bird interrupting deliveries OVERHEAR
Broadcast quiet Mass in appropriate city? PROGRAMME
Berlin agreement to protect tailless wild cat JAGUAR
Actors on tour platoon picked up TROUPE
About to furnish Arab table full of dates CALENDAR
A pal in New York tipping one crude source DUBAI
Help boy, offering practical experience hands-on
Hotel contributed to rustic game PHEASANT
In which Thor must rend ground? THUNDERSTORM
Withdraw European books EBB
Wall in green, at shed IMMURE
Trainee's heading off for a profitable job EARNER
Tiny tree, gnarled for yonks ETERNITY
The right doctor assembled emergency room gauge THERMOMETER
Ten men with current force in Brussels turned up, to find eg Henry? UXORICIDE
Show ID to protect old solicitor POINT OUT
Revolver to go off above soldiers ROTOR
Refuse vessel originally donated in settlement TURN DOWN
Old figure? MCC has a few! ROMAN NUMERAL
Like a hair shirt? Remove yours at the outset SCRATCHY
Computer fit to be installed in Times TABLET
Expert about to break best form of digital security TOECAP