the times cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2019 11 04

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Exhaust American power restraining group of countries USE UP
Foreign areas sadly kept back in recording meal option CAESAR SALAD
Wild financier finally not in favour of investing in soccer team FRANTIC
Writer almost prepared to accept plagiarism SCRIBE
Essential one Conservative supports party, mostly BASIC
Dance, taking lead in balletic work BOP
Band to adorn recording system TAPE DECK
Army doctor has done with cut DROVE
All steroids in sport? Incompatible ill-assorted
“Reduced Beauty Treatment” covering small shop sign FASCIA
Suggestive behaviour, maybe, with French kept in proportion VULGAR FRACTION
What’ll be anodyne news, I’d fancy, around end of year? NINE DAYS WONDER
Weaponry: clubs, historic — a bargain, we hear COLD STEEL
Way the world won’t end: in a catastrophe, finally AVENUE
Utterly wrong about article offering protection TUTELARY
This obliges fellow in good shape to spurn hospitals FEALTY
Support I’ll back, beset by endless stress TRELLIS
Something you shouldn’t attempt when prepared to save face A MUGS GAME
Good performance at golf — a delight, moving last to first EAGLE
Small missile making a loud noise STRIDENT
Regarding length over Scottish course? Excellent for run relay-race
Principle that is engaging Democrat most of all IDEAL
Impress after releasing singular song LAY
Prosper initially over in lodge DO WELL
Suffer in part of aircraft, crying loudly WAILING
Vessel that was submersible but buoyant at regular intervals U-boat
Worker, carrying infectious disease, not present ABSENT
Hitch? Then fix web image THUMBNAIL
Heavenly room accommodating one in fancy seat CELESTIAL
Biscuit barrel upside-down below item on spice rack? GINGER NUT
Brownish-yellow section of brooch revealed OCHRE
Cleaning item rusted badly DUSTER
Combatant's helmet that restricts batting TIN HAT
Creature consumes right cut of meat BREAST
Desire for wealth pilot's seen around two eastern US states AVARICE
Doctor in Leith arranged protective cover for finger THIMBLE
English mine with the odd descriptive term EPITHET
Female diner excited partner FRIEND
Greek character old and huge OMEGA
Hanger-on, a slippery creature, rejected companion LEECH
Landscape painter's private room with PC JOHN CONSTABLE
Location of travelling ocean liner, generally IN THE MAIN
Member to conclude traditional story LEGEND
Modify church table, one says ALTER
Mostly hairless oddball inflated plaything BALLOON
Observes twitching inside damaged nose NOTICES
Old comedian's second fish factory Gina organised SPIKE MILLIGAN
Play on words to dig somewhere in India PUNJAB
A golfer may register this bird of prey EAGLE
A very regular writer, skipping intro, may be a cagey type AVIARIST
Old fogey to rage about source of expensive body spray DEODORANT
Right to run away? LEGIT