the times cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2019 10 23

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Only half of the 26 letters help ABET
Prices tumbling? Goodness me! CRIPES
Puts up other ranks in drunken state STUPOR
Reversing right round a sailor TAR
Run away with circus performer, you say? FLEE
Scholarly chap of no practical help ACADEMIC
Sid back on track in speech DISCOURSE
Best pot I foolishly presented to old lady OPTIMUM
Bright around north-east for Mrs Mop? CLEANER
Delete some camera settings ERASE
Doctor pointed at university contingent DEPUTATION
Fruit for senior civil servant MANDARIN
Glasgow woman found in Parthenon HEN
In prison, where landlords ought to be? BEHIND BARS
Island postman regularly delivering letter IOTA
Soldier scowls occasionally, shading head with this? PARASOL
Son has 9p — or a little less? SIXPENCE
Weaken finally in bankruptcy dispute run-in
One visiting cathedral: Foreign Secretary perhaps MINISTER
Noisily eat lunch, enjoying different starter MUNCH
Men at test making declaration STATEMENT
Matched level in light drama, backer having withdrawn COMPARED
Long article about a provincial Greek ACHAEAN
Irishman joins Anglicans for spirited meeting SEANCE
Husband tucking into liqueur that’s got body CHASSIS
Horse carrying disease endlessly spread MARMALADE
Headless corpse is sent back for certain journey ODYSSEY
Nobleman to free bananas at this point stuck in tree PEER OF THE REALM
Romanians on the rampage in small republic SAN MARINO
Researcher wanting this instruction to make tea? DOCTORATE
Poet relieved of diamonds getting payment in advance ANTE
Outrageous sort of animus INFAMOUS
One to quit troubled Dáil Eireann — that causes rush! ADRENALINE
Get better of old fool, nabbing last of Cointreau OUTWIT
Like India, having a large land area ASIA
Song about stinker seen in rural idyll ARCADIA
Style shown in being short with the French ENTITLE
Alligator is one regarding soft floor covering REPTILE
Agreement achieved with three tens, minus tips ENTENTE
After correction, smile, as lacking purpose AIMLESS
Seated outside clubs, Hesse emptied small bag SACHET
Prepare without finishing and study in China DRESDEN
Divine law associated with electoral system PREDICT
Country folk involved in operatic number ARMENIA
Brilliant rescue dog detailed to enter cricket club CLASSIC
Why logician won't accept chair is obvious STANDS TO REASON
Wine stain unfortunately showing up MARSALA
Hope that you may find in church? ASPIRE
Fortify, across the pond, a private thoroughfare GIRD
Daily forced to cancel leader in ridiculous pretence CHARADE
One to support stocking revolutionary American poet SUSPENDER