the times cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2019 10 11

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Hit band pocketing millions SMASH
Vehicle back ready for battle in part of ship YARDARM
What child may want: spin around Britain's capital in hurry TEDDY BEAR
Advance cast picked up after rest BREAKTHROUGH
Learner in badly managed Oxford college MAGDALEN
Host's place, after dealing with criticism REMONSTRANCE
Pass or cross through tip of Easter Island EXCRETE
Play area becoming small for tots DRAMS
Factory stocking English revolver? PLANET
Eastern girl said to be delicious thing ECLAIR
Dumb as leading character in Psycho? SILENT
Disturb the thing set in stone AGITATE
Wicked thing in prison led astray CANDLE
Walk under cover from Athens to Alexandria STOA
Sculpture made in great institutions of learning ACADEME
Drawer retiring greengrocer gleefully stocks EL GRECO
Hero losing round underneath Big Daddy FATHER
Merge foolishly with Etonian group of egoists ME GENERATION
Big cheese and more crackers after drink SUPREMO
Cool drink the setter had without flavour INSIPID
Fastener, one on tie PINION
Canine tooth one has right in middle CORGI
Chaste priest on strike in church CELIBATE
Old Arab people hospitalised? SARACEN
Only women answer about universal entities in philosophy NOUMENA
Farm animal in new enclosure EWE
Careful, naturally, to bury this bone ULNA
Small vessel makes crossing SPAN
One in account knocked back port EILAT
Corps in retreat — I note they served with honour EMERITI
Royal wrapping the present on purpose KNOWINGLY
Cries of surprise rising in commotion hoo-ha
Drunken treats for wine expert? TASTER
Writer, say, English are inclined to defend say ELEGIST
Sneer, maybe, from British king, a symbol of authority GRIMACE
Beer taken round a camp LAAGER
Greet us waving, perhaps? GESTURE
One mistakenly printed in bold INTREPID
Beg urgent reforms for pioneering pressman? GUTENBERG
Initially awkward kid in relaxed position AT EASE
Ideal end, somehow, to meet this? DEADLINE
So what beings periodically give people a hand? BIG DEAL
Skin to keep dark HIDE
There's no change at all in these organs OVARIES
Ship capsized becomes national symbol LEEK
Be likely to consume ultimate in hipster fashion TREND
Went down hill FELL
Creep hard to put in jail is a big hitter SLEDGEHAMMER
Fought about indeed turning hawk-like argus-eyed
Blanket a requirement in bad weather? UMBRELLA