the times cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2019 10 02

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Extra doctor back is what attracts interest OVERDRAFT
Former auditor spoken of in the Treasury EXCHEQUER
G-string aria for one with a lisp THONG
Get garage rebuilt for a sum AGGREGATE
Heads for starters PATES
I foster spring breaks without golf FIRST PERSON
Intimate spotted taking a pee IMPLY
Leader of Conservatives blocking change leads to dispute ALTERCATION
Little spirit shown by football club's front three TOT
A routine in local area network recalled as normal NATURAL
Aggressive performer good in a row TIGER
Be unable to stand, half -dead before trial DETEST
Billion invested in dull equestrian centre STABLE
Free to continue without observations? UNCHECKED
Fries joints after starter of consommé CHIPS
Incline to adopt right fashion TREND
Location of non-union members? SHELF
Method behind story-teller spinning a line RAILWAY
Pipe, not without content that’s free-flowing FLUENT
Put off fellow initially probing targets of hunt DEFER
Showing impertinence precludes fist flying DISRESPECTFUL
Shy sub, half demented BASHFUL
Starts to stagnate in this place SIT
Struggling near-dunce shows staying-power ENDURANCE
Unreliable scoundrel penetrating heart of American ERRATIC
US soldiers upheld Constitution — that’s distinctive SIGNATURE
Not many hurried to see Liberal ousted FEW
Part of door fitted into arch, in general HINGE
Describe former flat EXPLAIN
Deodorants applied during bowls roll-ons
Cricket side jeer, opening pair having been dismissed OFF
Cats with second cast for addicts USERS
Bums are on view from behind in eg cossies TOERAGS
Arabic work (not old) written up above SUPRA
Maybe almond covering for fruitcake NUTCASE
One in Sweden's ready for a drink KIR
One may have a nap on the flight STAIR CARPET
Without outside assistance, Head Office going to be engaged IN USE
Who's greeted a gismo's introduction with excitement? GADGETEER
Scoundrel climbed for wild plant DOG ROSE
Rent boy hanging around church with speed LACERATED
Ready to change a long time ago YEAR DOT
Quietly living in Cleveland, perhaps PRESIDENT
Point about much reduced page is so long toodle-pip
One's heard a sheep consumed ATE UP
American in residence supplying drilling tools REAMERS
Affluent heiresses, in reduced circumstances, becoming possessive THEIR
A little application and skill used to make dessert APPLE TART
27 served up in pop is something spicy PAPRIKA
Make redundant, or leave alone LAY OFF
Consider fellows to have little time for diversion ENTERTAINMENT
A small flat is fitting APT
Gear of airborne trooper gaining height in flying airplane PARAPHERNALIA
Simultaneously accepting opposing beliefs, possibly both unliked DOUBLETHINK