the telegraph toughie - Crossword Answers | 2020 01 03

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Gesture when in male corner COCKASNOOK
American escaping from even church's grasp CLENCH
Repeatedly anger bishop about a problem overseas BERIBERI
Commander capturing men having routed threat on southern peaks CORBETTS
Test site cover-up on two levels BIKINI
Girl eating peeled vegetable elicits comment in writing ANNOTATE
Warning seen by abandoned Soviet group of planes? FOREST
Approach female upstart right away after taking the lead AVENUE
Heading off anguish, time running out for complaint EARACHE
After two drinks, this setter's game! GINRUMMY
Endless pressure to go on pitch -- captain may land you here HEATHROW
Middle-of-the-road guide to late-night events? CATSEYE
Compact, tense-free language ERSE
Uncovered urn in the style of an Attic feature? RAFTER
Daily points from all sides apparently taken literally NEWSPAPER
It's okay, not odd, to follow broadcast of knockout Big Bang episode? KRAKATOA
Singer from off-and-on screen embraced by performer ACCENTOR
Some mess I spill, ending up ... ELLIPSIS
Carelessly concedes kick on wing where props go in SCENEDOCK
Intriguing topic is absorbing Left POLITICS
Borders on having succeeded after one month APRONS
Unexpected first sign of break -- game point following ace ABRUPT
Heartless guy about to take the lead? Not Frank! CAGY
The kings we blessed five times out of seven? WEEKNIGHTS
Angle to capture heart of pretty thing FETISH
Regularly expose busybody making money PESO
Dad stopping adult function after student drinks ALCOPOPS
East End intellectuals reported some of their Boat Race? EYEBROWS