the telegraph toughie - Crossword Answers | 2019 12 31

crossword answers
Clue Answer
After public relations initiative's launch, November borders on catastrophe for royal PRINCE
Agitator ploughing Russian cash into Twitter's extremists TROUBLER
Follow leader in a merry dance, losing in like 58 seats? CONGA
Green fighter in prison? HULK
Only domestic produce available here -- where can one buy ships? CRAFTSHOP
Northern town with Labour not returned workington
Means and what they are said to justify, in support of elected leader of Tories INTENDS
Ulster politicians permitted ally's ultimate betrayal? DUPLICITY
Suspend professional prankster PROROGUE
Conduct unprofitable business in travel, failing to understand Runataloss
Source of biometric data digital assistant turned over? IRIS
With pressure involved, running Tories' PR gets more difficult to handle STROPPIER
Hong Kong upset by an Asian leader KHAN
Risqué cracks on Conservative right-winger demanding title ESQUIRE
Lifting toilet takes time, first, and specialist equipment TOOL
What Johnson is May to July? PRIMEMINISTER
Stokes's last over -- look at that individual performance! SOLO
Judge backing up leaderless faction -- they're linked to Rebel Alliance JEDI
With green light to enter country, exercised rivalry around Syria's borders VISAED
A head mischief-maker evading charge EACH
Use ride-sharing system? Problem with lift HITCHHIKE
It's abrasive when football manager meets directors EMERYBOARD
Sanchez ultimately in the hands of leaders of independence battle in autonomous Catalan-speaking territory IBIZA
'Money for nothing' conceals question -- Ukraine's chief getting something in return? QUIDPROQUO
Exit -- die being the alternative? DOOR
Barnet seat Conservative's held HAIR
Backing for yellow vests securing popular gains WINS