the telegraph toughie - Crossword Answers | 2019 11 15

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Greeting couples midway through Newark tavern WAVE
In speaking French with accent, make a deep impression ENGRAVE
Addicts may have such philosophy: fix can be found in unexpected markets KATZENJAMMERS
Stream data endlessly, given amount of light INFLUX
Network behind corporation, say, putting pressure on motor brand PLEXUS
Upended horse run over RECAP
Outfit of crack soldiers seen in film EQUIPMENT
Maybe Pedro prepared this street map chap's unfolding during journey GAZPACHO
Appropriate vehicle for rustic touring OK in Germany HIJACK
One hovers on the wagon to ensnare felon at large DRONEFLY
Sad hesitance regularly envelops cricket side ELEGIAC
Book used for playing features part of noughts and crosses game? EXODUS
Jim's French film partner obtains ordinary work units JOULES
Some seasons, Enid abandoned rose very quickly ROCKETED
Old financial note passed on by William after question probing food EXCHEQUERBILL
Bygone language investigator associated with extremists AZTEC
Vet medially enters jabs in ailing dog BASENJI
This could describe a guitar course -- no good packing in after short time TWANGY
Everyone with uniform gets container of stuff transported in deluge ALLUVIAL
Denis, failing to maintain work, dropped in INSTILLED
Boycott depressed by love for port? OBAN
Reporter's rung flat STEPPE
Criminal mate's fool to conceal three neighbouring characters? GUNMOLL
Other half of writer's fleeces once taken on holiday HATHAWAY
One draws small boat belonging to lady husband's shared SKETCHER
Charlie raised hand, content to halt contest CUPFINAL
Creep about shelter, foremost for homeless from the East HEELER
Heavenly body increased sex appeal in half-exposed pullover JUPITER
School admits new examination board largely deceived pupils? CONJURED