the telegraph toughie - Crossword Answers | 2019 11 14

crossword answers
Clue Answer
After damage, preserve sandwiches or seasoning MARJORAM
'Safe space' could be a yard in shanty town ASYLUM
Like a cloud that's atomic, with nitrogen falling UNCLEAR
Beastly carer, female, paid to restrain that woman SHEPHERD
All-round worker, 20, yielding 50 per cent to corporation FACTOTUM
Certificate shows African city contracted work as journalist ACCREDIT
Decline to assume current disguise FACADE
Drink that's never taken after I should! COCOA
Fashion staff wearing pink PRODUCE
Find less over counter? DISC
In tunnel, a rut annually backed up, not flowing UNNATURAL
Ageing judge -- under 100! -- with 1950s-style tough head for cruelty COLDHEARTEDNESS
Accommodation offered by male with boat docked by river BOARDINGHOUSE
Channel ports offering entry for underground workers MANHOLES
Nice, where one sees the French behind bare, age variable AGREEABLE
Amazon maybe has rights to import quartet, classical and electronic RIVER
Double triumph led Titanic novel to come first IDENTICALTWIN
Sadly soulless state of America ALAS
Sanctimonious visitor with jeans shoves roughly JEHOVAHSWITNESS
It makes the wheels go round, go round, taking in Spain not America PETROL
Quick nap's acknowledged to offer help for shifting weight? KNAPSACK
Laurel maybe planted in line with church policy STANCE
Son splits in disapproval -- one should be able to hold one's drink HIPFLASK
Show takes chances on viewer's attachment SPLASH
Lofty cycled, dry only occasionally on the way back LORDLY
When one's dropping off, composer's wearing spectacles go too far OVERDO
Uber utopia that is being lost in parts in the Caymans, say TAXHAVEN