the telegraph toughie - Crossword Answers | 2019 10 15

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Group unable to score? NONET
For training, I rope in all the players RIPIENO
Fish, duck and sheep reared MARLIN
Fishy first course on the way DISHONEST
Film taking you and I back WESTERN
Emperor has to go with uprising, defeat at last accepted TITUS
Difficult little number, uniform short pink dresses ONEROUS
Cocktail maker demonstrating skill during drinking session BARTENDER
Chaser or otherwise ultimately whipped? RACEHORSE
Cheat reportedly also needing something to do in prison TWOTIME
A vehicle rolling over breaking a number of times, pull in ATTRACT
Appellation on wine, similar drinks superior CHATEAU
Best sink hole put back! TIPTOP
Rabat and Beirut, after negotiations, calmer? BARBITURATE
Fine yet to be paid OUTSTANDING
National broadcast of Iran entertaining American spies originally RUSSIAN
Prayer kept up by journo's ironic ORISON
Woman expecting money say in rise, she flips! HEIRESS
Sporting moment captured in glossy perhaps? PHOTOFINISH
Utterance from setter perhaps about conclusion of awful writer WOOLF
A temporary cut in open spaces ATRIA
European doctor wished to follow instructions, finally SWEDISH
In retirement, time passed swiftly in good health WELFARE
Leader in orchestra wheels in a small instrument OCARINA
Minister covering up a potentially catastrophic device REACTOR
Something sharp pinning clothes, darned perhaps? SWEARWORD
Turn featuring latest characters in the television show VENEER
Sound bites crude, prepare chamber for entertainment? DRAWINGROOM