the telegraph cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2020 01 01

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Quality of wine society? BODY
Aloha -- if arriving outside this port! HAIFA
Child beginning to trust stranger crossing line TODDLER
Scoundrel's stolen goods including ring and yen SCALLYWAG
Source of deadly green extract DRAW
Sudden advances made by son with friends SALLIES
Type of knot that poses a danger to shipping? REEF
Illumination that comes after tequila? SUNRISE
Satisfied hotel with new loan for alcohol METHANOL
The after-effects of Chinese dynasty rule cut short HANGOVER
& 15 Across Pay when payer amended such a wish HAPPY
An instrument for gangsters to conceal ORGAN
Answer by soldiers must be commitment RESOLUTION
Blow last of pimiento to make relish GUSTO
Character of small time politician stifling answer STAMP
Humour ultimately missing from sadly integral part of a joke? TAGLINE
Home entry fixed to include everybody on the inside INTERNALLY
Independent vote in Ohio converted ordinary people HOIPOLLOI
Issue undertaking to support energy EMISSION
Imagine groom's costume FANCYDRESS
Hurts to see a game finishing early ACHES
Left a young seal to drink eagerly LAPUP
Level of aid mainly accepted by European prisoner ECHELON
Marine finally joining crack outfit EQUIP
Do ask mostly for best CONQUER
Disturbingly cute, at hand -- and without ties UNATTACHED
Policy U-turn could make you suddenly get very angry, then collapse FLIPFLOP
Policy must change over month of games OLYMPIC
Ready to change and go for a ticket like this DAYRETURN
Take a chance on body-search with top off RISK