the telegraph cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2019 12 25

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Unlike poor friend, left with no end of approval DIFFERENT
Hates trials supporting defence's case DETESTS
Quits after abandoning start of rugby game EVENS
King and queen finally become informed LEARN
Not many will cross line winged FLEW
Man entitled to be on board? KNIGHT
False beliefs of French in souls transformed DELUSIONS
Bag for plunder? SACK
Talk up cuts in what might accompany 11? PARSNIPS
Survive in part of garden that's blooming! BLASTED
Standard, as men cooked cheese PARMESAN
Sort of material that might extend, putting year on prison sentence STRETCHY
Special terms must include change ALTER
Smart and very quietly absorbed in study from the east DAPPER
Dancer buys a new something for sweet BRANDYSAUCE
Doing as is set out will offer identification of condition DIAGNOSIS
Given penalty having invested energy in discovery FINED
Feature of a newspaper chief with column HEADLINE
Eyes like this seen oddly in secret CLOSESET
Elk's good for starter, and this should be cooked! GOOSE
Desperate search will include a day for such a game CHARADES
Communication from mother cutting fiction, rejected EMAIL
Head must accept restriction in range of colours PALETTE
Last of alcohol to be put into hot cake STOLLEN
Exercise in burning logs here perhaps OPENFIRE
Hunk, perhaps needing metal rings for appliances DISHWASHERS
Dish offered by heartless gaoler of old TURKEY
Hesitated, being employed by father PAUSED
Crime may be so like some clues UNSOLVED