the telegraph cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2019 12 20

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Encourages good health! CHEERS
Dreadful woe -- I'll hide away LIELOW
Gangster, old-fashioned fellow in hidden part of room? ALCOVE
Server tries to move round -- was seen going outside WAITRESS
Almost 12? Sleep DOZE
Being terribly sedate, gets leg pulled TEASED
Animals in police cars PANDAS
Decorator with fluid in recreation facility ICERINK
Cleric has played lyre in merry-making REVELRY
Christmas spruce hiding one little girl (six) NATIVITY
Person dumping waste who may help 29 TIPPER
Part of forest re-examined -- something growing therein? TREE
Maybe watch moth consuming material? REPEATER
Man to joke, having held record JOSEPH
Man remembered on Boxing Day taking walk with female STEPHEN
Extremely short opening for drink VERMOUTH
Party people in charitable activity DONATION
No more beer provided by business person EXPORTER
Requirement with second half of tale -- one mustn't lose the thread NEEDLE
A bit of carol making one hostile AVERSE
Home dull, nothing right? I may help blow up balloons INFLATOR
Sirs here supply preprandial tipples? SHERRIES
Peter's quaking outside front of castle -- there's something spooky SPECTRE
Wise man maybe in picture I brought out MAGE
What's entertained us -- dame cavorting AMUSED
Cupid's companion, one in a hurry DASHER
Fruit one of five children brought to church QUINCE
Explored something growing maybe, having crossed bridge SEARCHED
English doctor hurried to be given a welcome EMBRACED
Girl to wed, having given heart away MARY
Getting better sports ground finished before end of January RECOVERY