the telegraph cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2019 12 06

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Gloomy church always getting smaller in number CHEERLESS
Community member, mostly horrible, wanting drink in pub? VILLAGER
Variation by mule -- this being awkward? MANOEUVRABILITY
Wild ape, grunter in exciting tale PAGETURNER
Think as timid type that's lost love MUSE
One opposed gets to induce scorn CONTEMPT
Thus male has no time for self-denial, being languid SOMNOLENT
Planet faced with onset of deadly shortage? DEARTH
I exist concealing endless desire, one appearing to be unreal ILLUSIVE
Scottish king seen as dull mug DUNCAN
A modern miss collecting pounds for charity ALMS
New tiro, learner within day working with skill ADROITLY
Field with only half the Spanish football team REALM
English people of fashion in college ETON
Direction taken by sailor? One makes a bit of a meal of it! MAINCOURSE
Piece of poetry from somewhere in Switzerland, unfinished? CANTO
Bird, old and cold, grasped by an animal doctor AVOCET
Having a position in power, subsequently lambasted PLACED
Free from grime when brought into class DEGREASE
Superior wise person demonstrates customary style of language USAGE
Things that can kill animal in retreat GATS
Call and sink into chair maybe after six VISIT
As one outside home, very unlike welcome guest UNINVITED
Possibly a sugar, not something bitter ANGOSTURA
Go across step half missing on rickety ladder STRADDLE
Something sweet making aunt go crazy NOUGAT
Maiden, one facing emotional pressure as 'the other woman'? MISTRESS
Numbers crazy about fruit DAMSON