the telegraph cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2019 12 03

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Government interference affected investment in Rio Interventionism
Meandering bus trip gets near city SAINTPETERSBURG
Block is in place RESIST
Make smooth, milky coffee after following note FLATTEN
Ambition to swallow stout grew ENLARGED
Sun to rise on river? That's normal NATURAL
First and foremost, one student is behind most of school year PRIMARILY
Alder -- one exotic shrub OLEANDER
Borrowers usually pay this attention INTEREST
Marine mammals, perhaps captured -- one hopefully has them on board SEALEGS
Doctor is calm about uranium? Pleasing to hear MUSICAL
Change voice briefly in front of the Queen ALTER
Busy during month, e.g. October ONTHEGO
Charm from a drug smuggler ending in airport AMULET
Acknowledge what one could do to hair PERMIT
Cooked our moist chicken TIMOROUS
Criticism for each returned fish REPROACH
Improving English and longing to ring one female EDIFYING
Physical training outside university feasible for don PUTON
Wise man following dad's route PASSAGE
Pants initially large -- one usually selects Y-fronts LOUSY
John's energy unrestricted LOOSE
Turn over and seize the woman at the same time TOGETHER
Mate finishes this chapter -- he's succeeded CHESS
I have to support Aida, say -- tense worker OPERATIVE
Carry out desire for senior member DOYEN
Put information into code in French vault ENCRYPT
Mix up clothing, porter possibly going topless GARBLE
Royal Engineers with shop to repair RESTORE