the telegraph cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2019 11 22

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Huge bikes in engineering units MEGACYCLES
& 18 Down Possibly a piece of writing that offers a vague opinion? INDEFINITE
A positive response? More than one! AYES
See small particles in positions LOCATIONS
Silly person dipping paper into sauce SOFTY
The country's reasonable, wanting a new leader NATIONAL
The male boss at newspaper with terrible flu taking care HEEDFUL
River -- little one under which darling almost drowns RHONE
Quiet road? The reverse -- it's noisy YAWP
One with several partners, mostly a pig misbehaving POLYGAMIST
A slim young man surprisingly showing generosity MAGNANIMOUSLY
A small herd, having gone astray, getting gathered together MARSHALLED
Author errs -- man ill-suited to be an author ARTHURRANSOME
Complete departure, terribly hot and bumpy at the outset THOROUGHGOING
Criticise the Spanish group making decision? PANEL
End up with girl getting covered in powder MAGNESIA
Girl trapped shortly in eating area DINETTE
Idle maybe when entertained by a fellow in the USA AMERICAN
Imitating action of a card player? FOLLOWINGSUIT
Language in the borders of Surrey full of jargon? SLANGY
Little message prohibiting Scottish headwear BANTAM
Marrying and attempting not to have rows initially TYING
More than one trouble-maker is besieging politician IMPS
Non-believer witnessing robbery ATHEIST
Novel set in foreign city areas with churches PARISHES
Proper learner in fight DUEL
Victory's strange ritual with speed being limited TRIUMPHAL