the telegraph cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2019 11 18

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Fish in barrel at front of aquarium TUNA
Greek papers and press showing American sports field GRIDIRON
That will not happen if small number gamble NOCHANCE
One of baby's complaints – any perhaps treated out East? NAPPYRASH
Girl back in Buffalo I videoed VIOLA
A vet disturbed by service in bar TAVERN
Statesmen failed to hold small financial checks MEANSTESTS
Departed hastily, we hear, following staff complaint that's exaggerated MANFLU
Don't mention it – no thanks required over sum docked NOTATALL
Snare wild ones circling round NOOSE
Vet slack film script SCREENPLAY
Relax in lift at college LIGHTENUP
Plump for pudding ROLYPOLY
Seafood affected one after seconds SCAMPI
Followers reunite, intoxicated RETINUE
Money runs out for swimmer BASS
Leaving rest unprepared OFFBALANCE
Prime Minister must accept rubbish start to election for now PROTEM
Produce good line GROW
Problem over wrestling style SUMO
Dish – nuts left in mine BANANASPLIT
Following onset of rioting, I check bolt RIVET
Punch a mate in Cheapside? CHINA
Some wear nothing – gross EARN
Whisky, for example, taken before good savoury item SCOTCHEGG
Dishonest scheme of rascal cut short SCAM
Cheek, lip, and mouth INSOLENCE
Polish painting of holy figure in ancient boundary stream RUBICON
Soar past broken-down thing, unreliable FLYBYNIGHT
Fizzy drink with my northern cinema fare? POPCORN
Fertiliser in container for plant, timber POTASH
Object to supporting expert in TV show MASTERMIND
Dramatist in posh close in resort SOPHOCLES
Not difficult covering London landmark, pleasant to look at EASYONTHEEYE
Shoot bagging leading bird BUSTARD
Working in a centre for fruit NECTARINE
Expecting page on ruling PREGNANT
Expletive coming from boathouse OATH
Local issue put before area council, finally TOPICAL
Left a stupid person in shallow lake LAGOON
Bar led lads astray about noughts and crosses LABRADOODLES
Ceremonial carriage coming from church, a striking display CHARIOT
Busy person going about work with quiet shepherdess BOPEEP
Illumination coming from fire in grate, primarily LIGHTING
Fortunate, a short time before, also JUSTASWELL
Set on having a little time on course ATTACK
Storage chamber, likewise, enthralling the Italian SILO
Studying danger at sea involving current READING
Mean to maintain maturity AVERAGE
Study is over: that is, indefinitely adjourned SINEDIE
Administration course DIRECTION
Auction Motherwell's first in state capital SALEM
Barmy old eccentric in Italian region LOMBARDY
Despicable people occupying cave after revolution? It doesn't matter NEVERMIND
Kid won over, it's said SUEDE
Point proved mercy-seat is mysterious IRESTMYCASE
Rat on criminal, cheat and twister TORNADO
Top sport POLO