the telegraph cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2019 11 12

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Reason for mischief-maker to postpone session PROROGUE
Put a stop to almost everything trivial BANAL
Plant laid off unfortunately about 500 DAFFODIL
Nasty piece of work that is below average MEANIE
Discharge from outlet an American partly picked up EMANATE
Artist to leave after much chaos FARRAGO
Man, perhaps, is secure ISLAND
Lovely, talented, enthralling girl ADORABLE
Liberal rings up an eccentric UNSPARING
I dust ma's mixing bowl STADIUM
I'm taken aback after European initially gave cost to settle abroad EMIGRATE
His rector ordered one will perform in church CHORISTER
One caught in grasp of tender policeman OFFICER
Golfer left to tee off LANGER
Freak to propose entering river DEVOTEE
Bins occasionally taken in by brave person going round yard far from quietly NOISILY
At home, female starts to enjoy regular work out INFER
Artist Dali craved onion rolls LEONARDODAVINCI
American politician not ultimately giving consent AGREE
A contemptuous person imbibing what alcohol is sold here ALEHOUSE
Finds waistcoat is tight? Losing weight at first creates frustration DISSATISFACTION
Snake upset rook RATTLER
Rush after a cat -- it could cause immense damage ATOMBOMB
Strangely overdrawn -- delay with regular withdrawals ODDLY
Nick's hesitancy to leave Delaware INCISION
Musical piece coming from speaker on bottom of hi-fi? Ordinary ORATORIO
Excite stylish sweetheart INFLAME
Editor defaced book? It's ok to scoff EDIBLE
Wrong to follow king round -- it's essential to bow ROSIN