the telegraph cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2019 10 25

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Last bit of food eaten by dogs -- soft stuff CURDS
Colleague in middle of room keeping very quiet OPPO
How to get a goat to sleep? Music! ROCKABILLY
The insensibility that a crocodile has? COLDBLOODEDNESS
Agent wants old books put in new container REPOT
Artist sitting on bank on very few occasions RARELY
Electrical unit established by a lake in Africa VOLTA
Stuff like food that can be served again REPEATABLE
Old poetry, lines put out with too much hype? OVERSELL
Divine messenger's strange email gripping church MICHAEL
A vessel not properly closed? AJAR
Bring an end to anger through teasing WINDUP
Demure English principal PRIME
More than one scientist gets to go round island following old account GEOLOGISTS
Very cold types in top positions ICECAPS
Not all appreciated a mouldy cheese EDAM
Refuse from crowd building up MARC
Divine act, I fancy, is typical INDICATIVE
Most severe state sure to be troublesome AUSTEREST
Gladly given permit to remain unproductive LIEFALLOW
Crucial time I have after event at Sadler's Wells, maybe OPERATIVE
Projects worth millions finally abandoned THROWS
About to go to Scottish island as one out of the rat race? RETIREE
Son (10) enthralled by foreign song -- he did this? LISTENED
Providing precise information on action to blind mice? DETAILING
Protected with a 'nutcase' around? HELMETED
Put new energy into troubled lives -- one gets little thanks getting involved VITALISE
Excited men turning up to be given employment ROUSED