the telegraph cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2019 10 18

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Greek character in separatist organisation ETA
Endless lament by newspaper employee, one wanting money CREDITOR
Wandering round abroad, the Parisian is charming ADORABLE
Someone full of energy needs to eat a bit reportedly DYNAMO
British character of old sent to India or another country BRUNEI
Slide or jump, but not quietly SKI
Pounds obtained for working found out LEARNED
Group of soldiers that may protect judge in fiery situation? GUARDOFHONOUR
Rows after areas have dried up due to climate change? RIVERTERRACES
Popular nightclubs, potentially dangerous places HOTSPOTS
Pet that may be on lead in front -- gosh! BOWWOW
Lady needing end of wall hidden has installed screen, as recommended ADVISORY
Like something pungent? Crooner captures it BITING
Keep mum at home? Isn't to be kept in MAINTAIN
Drink Aileen's regularly taken ALE
Idiot in religious service losing head ASS
Report of joints at back of pub creating rows BARNEYS
Objection to solution to clue? Please say nothing! NOTAWORD
Not connected, like the one that got away? OFFLINE
Merry and deranged drunk gets manipulated politically GERRYMANDERED
Means of communicating protracted greeting LONGWAVE
'Look!', you and I call, sinking LOWERING
There's rumbling -- fifty will go inside refuge SHELTER
Instrument in my bag CORNET
They may help folk get things off their chest DECONGESTANTS
The German turned up to take part and prepare for presentation REDACT
Returning in flashy car, I propose unauthorised activity PIRACY
Approaching sign within hospital? TOWARD