The Times Specialist - Crossword Answers | 2021 01 03

crossword answers
Clue Answer
“Writing fiction for money is ____” (Stephen King) a mug's game
A ballroom dance which is also a Genesis album title FOXTROT
A human vein included in a well-known English idiom JUGULAR
Actor who played Mr Hedges in ITV’s Please Sir! John Alderton
As often spelled, Marilyn Monroe’s previous name Norma Jean Baker
Character played by David Jason in Terry Pratchett’s The Colour of Magic RINCEWIND
Chekhov play, reworking his earlier The Wood Demon UNCLE VANYA
Court ____s are not normally worn for tennis SHOE
Cricket fielding position, often taken by a captain mid-off
Ed Begley played ____ 10 in 12 Angry Men JUROR
Experimentation to test opinion FLYING A KITE
George Bernard Shaw play, strongly influenced by Anton Chekhov HEARTBREAK HOUSE
Henri ____ was a leading photojournalist, using candid photography Cartier-Bresson
Historic demonstration of reverence in eastern Asia KOWTOW
Historically, Devil’s Island or Norfolk Island PENAL SETTLEMENT
Informally, a western film OATER
Inspector played by Martin Shaw in a BBC television series George Gently
Kyrzbekistan or San Serriffe non-existent nation
Marcel Duchamp’s 1917 sculpture Fountain featured a ____ URINAL
Of a person, weak or ineffectual WUSSY
Sculptor specialising in public art, whose works appear on pages 24 and 25 of series B UK passports, issued 2015-2020 Anish Kapoor
Small bird, also called hedge sparrow DUNNOCK
Title and main character of Anne Brontë’s first published novel AGNES GREY
Type of unglazed pottery, often in Wedgwood blue jasperware
Women’s Olympic 200m and 400m champion in 1996 Marie-Jose Perec


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