The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2022 11 25

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Drop liquid on middle of massive dish SPLATTER
Greeting triumphant expression while keeping watch ALOHA
Medicinal root in spirits (English) GINSENG
Possessing hearts, card laid on top WITH
East End success for setter, say? bow-wow
Show not taking a minute for star RED DWARF
Gas applied to metal in kitchen device waffle iron
Rare issue put wife at bottom of class WUNDERKIND
Heaven is going into lots of shops PARADISE
Old lady and man in assembly MAKING
Incredible ascent performed having taken wrong direction in park indian rope-trick
Abandon attempt after warning cry FOREGO
Characteristic trait shaped Scottish island ATTRIBUTE
Love hurting after rejection EROS
When transgression overwhelms key delegate ASSIGN
Couple of body parts in horse? CHESTNUT
A dreadful barber’s not in agreement AT ODDS
Design of house in Dorset our failing TUDOR ROSE
Piece of lettuce put over piece of meat? CUT
Vehicle, not quite reaching moon MOPE
Highly important songbird CARDINAL
Kind of info 24 got about university GENEROUS
Curry gets cold, very cold BALTIC
Songbird which circles Scottish island WHINCHAT
One who regrets taking in Liberal leader RULER
Daughter to fall and bleed DRAIN
Courage shown by copper, perhaps, according to report METTLE
Piece of hose hit hard SOCK
Winger is wearing coat SISKIN
Collector's item in US city filling empty satchel on seat stamp album
Many dogs missing summit OODLES
Accomplished head of admin department ADEPT
Start eating, it’s falling apart! INSTIGATE
Tenner stupidly invested in IT and computer network INTERNET
A very soft, extremely large type of fruit APPLE