The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2022 11 21

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Swirling mist restricts Rugby: an obvious fact TRUISM
Vain rules, unexpectedly widespread UNIVERSAL
Wide boy always holding up item of tennis gear RACKETEER
A French fellow outside university, one to ease irritation? UNGUENT
A police group is receiving huge complaint ACIDOSIS
Accountant in car somewhere on Dartmoor? AUDITOR
Agree a fixture MATCH
Baddy leading soldiers in military unit CADRE
Beasts: rule-breakers, we hear? CHEETAHS
Diamonds — really cool stuff ICE
Divers manoeuvring round place being looked at again REVISITED
Don't, for instance, study adhesive friction CONTRACTION
Husband and I eat meat — fantastic source of iron HAEMATITE
Loud street outside zone in distant territory FAR EAST
Maiden hiding in Exeter, out in a faraway place EXTREME
Meet Carol, disorganised person who keeps you waiting? LATECOMER
Minor war god made to look silly in an entertaining place DRAWING ROOM
Miraculous place of old, sure to have changed LOURDES
Missile I had cast into river TRIDENT
Most unlike Henry VIII — king, cross, bumping off queen RANGY
Object when odd journalist comes round DEMUR
Old coin, article blocking pipe? DUCAT
One investigating trendy male, a poet DICKINSON
Prophet raised an awful stink NAHUM
Some land bill: concerning! ACRE
Splendour of industrial plant about to be demolished FINERY
Stylish English member meeting worker ELEGANT
Soldier supporting head of cat or dog CORGI
Prize money wife has left for a spell of cricket INNINGS
Popular supporter cheers Spanish princess INFANTA
One employing American English regularly at first USER
Male former partner in charge of old country MEXICO
Listen, being widely discussed on social media is agonising! heart-rending
Information regarding a category of art GENRE
Heavenly body giving half of us a shock SATURN
Headgear seen on European promontory CAPE
Greek character’s estimated time of arrival ETA
Girl taking vehicle to school at last CAROL
Following peacekeepers is amusing FUN
False reports about cat in French city LIMOGES
Everyone, say, runs over, initially moving quickly ALLEGRO
Eg publicans disturbing silence outside quarters LICENSEES
Distort terms in peer’s broadcast MISREPRESENT
Conjure up memories about short skirts at church REMINISCE
Composer after frozen confection, an unemotional type ICEBERG
Cheery lad, we hear SUNNY
Chartered accountant imbibing hot drink CHA
Animal pen in West Yorkshire STY