The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2022 11 18

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Bizarre marine mammal eating meat in hurry SURREAL
Caught one making bowlers talk a lot CHATTER
Force company representative to take European line COMPEL
Four in six days will be bright VIVID
Fresh openings for a number of traditional singers GREENSLEEVES
Hidden danger of wrong sort of fat in tablet PITFALL
I concealed pay when working for a good reference ENCYCLOPAEDIA
Join retinue returning after shelling UNITE
Outback hospital is after transport for many passengers BUSH
Plan scenic home movie on vacation SCHEME
Primarily, rip on purpose? REND
Prohibit working peer BARON
Prohibited a bishop entering as well TABOO
Run steamship around Great Lake SERIES
Scrounge penny once in prison CADGE
Tending to produce current clever item too freely ELECTROMOTIVE
Visitor frequently wants a short time in shade HABITUE
Where one might see utensils and cold chicken? KITCHEN
Very tiny rodents consuming Carl's old nuts microscale
Urge to cross island, small one EIGG
Unwanted acquisition, wrong iPod chosen by girl POISONED CHALICE
Turn inside out, always on time EVERT
Tom introducing European goddess HECATE
Spoil function, getting formal COSSET
Search engine and exhaust in an Oxfordshire town ABINGDON
Playful and willing? Not all GAMESOME
Pity uncovered pancreas wound is pussy Persian cat
Loaded p-pipe into brigantines, amidships? AFFLUENT
If consulted, told to develop town sutton coldfield
Here you might catch top dog PEKE
Hack food? HORSEMEAT
For whom fancy nicety is too much? CYNIC
Drink repeatedly over cardiac glitch MURMUR
Cricket team, we hear, securing amateur’s contract? NOTTINGHAMSHIRE
Count having had unexpectedly included host of party mad hatter
Correction — approval by millions in depression AMENDMENT
Come again following setback: perhaps again cross some cattle HEREFORD
Bird taps branch, removing tip CHOUGH
Barrier of course due to party lines DOLL
Article in class: you look briefly cast an eye