The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2022 11 15

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Promise son to be in SWEAR
Only half of stores getting prompt delivery RESCUE
One who wrote poetry from a university hideaway AUDEN
Propose carrying Times article, subject to official charges TAXABLE
Runs remote IT equipment ROUTER
Slightly overestimate assembly ROUNDUP
Strategy for playing softly in percussion group GAME PLAN
Upheaval due to stated limit on fossil fuel TURMOIL
Virtual realm PC creates by expressing time irregularly CYBERSPACE
100 at church finding hidden problem CATCH
Animal escaped in gorge PIG OUT
Barrel in bar area shows domed structure ROTUNDA
Changeable type in unusually clean home CHAMELEON
End sadly involved swallowing one's pride? DEADLY SIN
Hit hard — huge letdown BATHOS
Male goose in butcher's GANDER
Not entirely frightful time in retreat HIDEOUT
Port should cover very dry dish RISOTTO
Sailor's behind a small bird ASTERN
School did art in Caribbean island TRINIDAD
The Fleet Street crowd? PRESS
The French receiving a pass in game LACROSSE
Mineral box SPAR
Mild avarice troubled leader in service vice admiral
Lady's formal greeting reflected EVA
Individual emulates retiring judge SEPARATE
Honour a rebel leader admitting heightened depression ACCOLADE
Go off tripe ROT
Frantic detectives directed across river DISTRAUGHT
Daily robbery? THEFT
Cross US conflict zone returning from island MANX
Convoluted message backing Communist blocks MEANDERING
Condemned in a second, as was Jeanne d'Arc CANONISED
Buddhist's heading for one to pray BEG
Assess age of fruit DATE
A much-loved rogue journalist executed PERPETRATED
Good copy — stare in wonder GAPE
Love to be Popeye's girl OLIVE
Understand an archaeological project? DIG
Best British tea brewed BEAT
Relative close to bridge in French city NIECE
Previously held in detention centre ONCE
Land in European country ESTATE