The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2022 01 14

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Understated, it should be expunged from screen translation SUBTLE
US violinist sectarians upset ISAAC STERN
Admit awareness of current learning ACKNOWLEDGE
Alarming exclamation from TV doctor before surgical procedures! WHOOPS
Chap entertaining longing for somewhere to cook KITCHEN
Civic dignitary planting tree on island ALDERMAN
Conditions laid down for schoolkids’ work periods TERMS
Dined in college, according to report EATEN
Embrace son beset by worries CARESS
Flight of geese identified by European in hide SKEIN
Islanders keeping band in headquarters BALINESE
Item in sports programme requiring level track, originally EVENT
Medic removing tip of tail from fish SURGEON
Objection from pair initially on trial PROTEST
Old male writer taking American passenger vehicle OMNIBUS
Perspicacity unwelcome in performing musicians? SHARPNESS
Recklessly bid a lot for popular paper TABLOID
Restoration we learn about RENEWAL
Sound made by donkey — or horse crossing river? BRAY
Thinking Reg must keep a son at home REASONING
US city’s way to divide benefit BOSTON
Well-to-do? That’s laughable! RICH
Tribute nicely written about saint TOAST
Spiritual icon I see at last in Nebraskan city OMAHA
Sort of red polish unknown RUBY
Small Liverpudlian singer inspiring in tango? Just a little SCINTILLA
Reactionary TV character bringing stone into converted flat Alf Garnett
Portuguese saint imports good grain for pudding SAGO
Nonchalant during escape, one ought to be strung up FAIRY LIGHT
No calcium needed for spot cream LOTION
Metallica finally exits festival compound ESTER
Make note about time in cheese-producing region FABRICATE
Labour Party not likely to split? CHAIN GANG
Game in which Josh Billings initially behind bars? CRIBBAGE
Disastrous couple keeping son in poor state DISREPAIR
Craft should go round Scottish lake to find border GUILLOCHE
Complete religious work in Ireland ENTIRE
Check when coming aboard earlier vessel SCHOONER
Burning a jacket king's taken off ABLAZE
Reported truce spread by degrees PIECEMEAL
Like woman raising issue or unusually alert man MATERNAL
Horse cooked in casserole wife chucked out STEED
Clubs in correct order EDICT