The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 11 25

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Areas containing unknown meadow plant AZALEA
Being continually lucky registered somewhere? ON A ROLL
Broadcaster’s raised promotion after he’s become materialist breadhead
Buying church benefits my son, I suspect SIMONY
Clutching honour, weary and full of beams? TIMBERED
Craft excellent courses on plain English speaking AIRPLANES
Defender has boot out for rebound BACKFIRE
Fairy tale ending for Viktoria Plzen: United run ragged RAPUNZEL
Feeling less in need of new pigment UMBER
Good, nowadays, to obtain line in fashionable devices? GADGETRY
Head off for shelter? FLEE
Hook right in front of gas cooker? GRAPPLE
Just by lake has left stone ONYX
Kick-start on your bike buzz off
Maybe “medal’s” sounding like “meddles” PRIZE
Mexican city university involved in conflict — centre for rendezvous JUAREZ
Occupied half-forgotten, antediluvian houses TENANTED
Poor tips from men we maybe trusted implicitly NEEDY
That can be published after undoing triple ban PRINTABLE
US runner returned old cap and waterproof POTOMAC
United approach is never coming back one-way
Train and inspire to hope getting time for clubs ENTOURAGE
Time after Post Office returned major work? OPERA
Talk foolishly about one copyright infringer PIRATE
Sufficient nowadays to regard as equal ADEQUATE
Son gutted about swine making a display at match SCOREBOARD
Runs in to catch crow BRAG
Refuse 500 yen for working DENY
Preach movingly about Lot’s end in part of Genesis? CHAPTER
Perhaps Windrush side split over right place to keep money river bank
Part of collection’s a breech-loading weapon SABRE
On-screen icon gave data card, but no peripherals AVATAR
Lieutenant in utter retreat SHELTER
Go off having assignation outside school DETONATE
Girl’s after church goblet CHALICE
Dismiss society hack wasting hours SACK
Dine on steak, say, but not medium EAT
Couple starting to work out TWO
Beer? Mine’s got nitrogen in PINT
Agree to swindle scoundrel CONCUR
Drink for one lifting medal EGGNOG
Old judge to make a speech ORATE