The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 09 24

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Start and finish not clearly defined open-end
Unstable, upper-class, suicidal emperor’s story I CLAUDIUS
Association of workers on telephone get old teaching TUTELAGE
Badger returned to capture seabird GANNET
Boot in sports car working well at first WELLINGTON
Deflect wide probing tennis stroke SWERVE
Especially on a training session, we hear casual shoe ESPADRILLE
Evergreen terrain includes log ENTER
Finishes food each time before drink EATS UP
Geordie entertaining in matches for a decade NINETIES
Grandma's Indian side dish NAN
Hotel in capital of Norway INN
Newsman inside favouring a hat FEDORA
Organ starts to echo around room EAR
Plan to consume once again aromatic liqueur CHARTREUSE
Popular sci-fi writer peripherally scans Scottish city INVERNESS
Record old companion's age EPOCH
Rubbish religious books in Barnet HOT AIR
Standard upheld by a Druid priestess NORMA
Secured page nearly dropped LEASHED
Permitted variations aren’t close when worked out TOLERANCES
Period in which one’s at home drinking tea; Alice never quite made it DAISY CHAIN
Not keen on new rival type of drug ANTIVIRAL
Loading spin-drier, one seen in Madagascar INDRI
Having secret knowledge, lied perhaps about credit being short GNOSTIC
Halt in assigned place STATION
Feeling for small coin, one to place on drawing PITYING
Encourage somebody’s effrontery? That’s just embarrassing EGG ON ONES FACE
Double offence in which king is absorbed SINKS IN
City Mike succeeds in radioing LIMA
Check temperature on car AUDIT
Added salt of copper — revolutionary! CURED
Called and spoke RUNG