The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 09 23

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Powerful feller appearing in series 12 CHAINSAW
Random greeting to Romeo by young lady HIT OR MISS
Right to remove mouse’s head from trap ORAL
Support coming from old Labour leader’s flunky FOOTSTOOL
Swindlers, at least eight, after dope .. SPIVS
Tossing carrot to black kid in Golf BRIBING
What’s most impressive about albatross spawning mutant? WINGSPAN
When unlikely to be welcomed into a hotel owned by us? at all hours
Workplace no longer being kept ready? OFFICE
Writer phones — biographer rings back IBSEN
Asian artist and queen visiting India twice IRAQI
Chucks in five skips VOMITS
Dark horse seen over eastern hill at coast? DUNE
Delivers shilling found in small fruit pie turns over
Extremist’s quality real, but regularly overlooked ULTRA
Fools back in diocese, egotistical GEESE
Foreign nobleman and Yankee causing division in England? COUNTY
Hard to get inside pen: twist WRITHE
Lout starts off yelling on bus YOB
Norm making a bow perhaps, and celebrating? PARTYING
One no longer beating person offering clarification EXPOUNDER
Our Phoebe, getting worked up, a possible Brexit supporter? EUROPHOBE
Plumes of smoke finally welcomed by priests FEATHERS
Positive aspect is due to reform, quietly included UPSIDE
Record being played so behind schedule makes you sad DISCONSOLATE
Tease very loudly after tea CHAFF
Work beginning for office: drink up! OPUS
Pensioners putting up singular fight for platform to be heard? SOAPBOX
Outlaw to plunder gold, lifting unknown amount ROB ROY
Marked student’s first, abridged unseen? No SPOTTED
Legal officer has trouble breaking strike BAILIFF
Husband and child after return fare NOSH
Fish from lake caught by one out on it? BLOATER
Doctor, initially kept in barracks, works in kitchen? COOKBOOKS
Displaying calm — no one was affected POSED
Did snake bite? WOUND
Belief, revolutionary one, obsessed captain BAHAI
Aug 1 isn’t especially for a saint IGNATIUS
Article removed from slope off ramp SLIPWAY
Army officer and doctor, each ringing when desperate last-gasp
Anchor held by hideous, headless phantom GHOSTLY
Aid when sewing up chinos in fragments PINCUSHION
... one more coming in to give out pot DIXIE