The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 09 22

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Expose girl coming out to meet headless macho man DEBUNK
Favourite artist in historic city PETRA
Financial protector of home having less doubt INSURER
Help a troubled character abroad ALEPH
Jumped up seconds before accident SPRANG
Most desperate little daughter, one needing repose DIREST
News cut by half editor repeatedly called for NEEDED
Official getting entire gist: rarely only partially REGISTRAR
One fighting hard, someone at crease collecting half-century BATTLER
Short extract from writer's exposition TERSE
Speak unfavourably about traffic outside fronts of university colleges TRADUCE
Tommy betrayed? That is right SOLDIER
Unwelcome guests maybe when gate-crashing different parties PARASITES
Wanting to eat grass? Empty Guernsey would eat it GREEDY
Controlled what monarch did, reportedly REINED
Clutched dog's tail, having got irritated GRASPED
Ape a famous historian GIBBON
What’s used in certain puddings for buffet BATTER
What goes to block army career, perhaps SERVICE CHARGE
Team initially charged games coach, say TRANSPORT
Sculptor needing staff at home RODIN
Restricted mixer for gin in first class FINITE
Ravel’s magical charm in need of piano ENTANGLE
Pass across millions taken from telecast perhaps TRANSIT
Part of Switzerland invested in a currency initially of gold AURIC
Only time for a quantity of wine? BUTT
One who’s stopped working on island RETIREE
One who may discover her career’s ruined RESEARCHER
Negative characters to form company? I don’t find it possible NO CAN DO
Many turning up lazily and impassively STOLIDLY
Imagined team getting drunk after drive DREAMT
I’m interned, tortured when one’s wanting to eat? DINNERTIME
How to refer to a man hiding away tons? MISER
Demanding hotel in capital TALLINN
Cleaner splitting big increase in extra payment SURCHARGE
A change of word order during reading INVERSION