The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 09 21

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Bird Madagascan primate skinned EMU
Breaking par, eight lead GRAPHITE
Cheat doubly to get US apartment CONDO
Dark lake surrounded by military group UNLIT
From list of bequests, one at a time sons cut out by choice WILLINGLY
In favour of enclosing University Square FOUR
Just a single ship? That’s a joke one-liner
Knowing about shirt being really tough STEELY
Missed stroke, as atmosphere’s sweltering AIR SHOT
Not very clean food to hand GRUBBY
Remains sort of blonde ASH
What’s in large bottle? Some swill it: retsina! LITRE
Wild dancing in red fez FRENZIED
Beyond delta, soil shortage DEARTH
Beginning of play being performed: start filming! ACTION
After dinner treat some munch occasionally CHOC
When retired go round world SATURN
Unusual action needed to consume cold tongue OCCITAN
Stationed in east so push for strong drink ESPRESSO
Composer’s name announced HANDEL
Son having slight temperature avoids paella flavouring SAFFRON
Shot where force breaches European citadel EFFORT
Senior ministers in queue perhaps store hard copies here? FILING CABINET
Religious house seen in earlier years PRIORY
Relaxed as not spotted snatching rupees UNSTRAINED
Nan having success as one bringing home bacon? BREADWINNER
Leave country singer regularly housed by English couple EMIGRATE
Guard, in bed, suffering complete UNABRIDGED
Goddess makes appearance following credit crunch CRISIS
Fellows applied to university, getting course list MENU
Crumbs American soldier gives dog CORGI
Cheat to secure point in street game? CRIBBAGE
Building over frozen soil sees river rising ROTUNDA
Aloe vera treated missing volume in sunken spots AREOLAE
Island in unsettled US area, or continental one? EURASIA