The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 09 20

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Remarkably, Dundee Republican survived ENDURED
Reactionary corrupts a pioneering MP ASTOR
Premise of article on MI6 THESIS
Poles visit property in passing TRANSIT
Penniless clergyman causing offence ARSON
Overview of conditions in June, might one say? SUMMARY
One decent, if somehow flawed DEFICIENT
Not so many in turmoil after change of heart FEWER
Saw American chopper landing on island AXIOM
Slovenian actor surprisingly chatty CONVERSATIONAL
The elders wrongly given sanctuary SHELTERED
Protestant in row in sultanate ORANGEMAN
Too many social workers, perhaps, holding policemen up BESIDES
About to pop off, collecting duke’s golfing attendant CADDIE
Near staff officer on very little money ADJACENT
Jog back alongside river? It’ll hurt! TORTURE
Elegant girl coming out and broadcasting? DEBONAIR
Hurried to catch old horse ROAN
Item of bedding left outside back of hotel QUILT
Leaders of Great Ormond Street Hospital? I say! GOSH
A scam involving first of ripe fruit ACORN
African capital’s crude oil used on excursion TRIPOLI
Callous governor lacking cultural pretensions HEARTLESS
Confer privilege finally on street in East London area BESTOW
Prospect of girl coming between Dad and Mum PANORAMA
Protest monster originally received in post DEMONSTRATION
Speak to daughter wearing a formal garment ADDRESS
Toupee, one adopted by Grace initially WIG
Long priestly vestment, a pound ALB
Uneducated rating on manoeuvres IGNORANT
Long to ignore head and make money EARN
Article about painter depicting city in Japan NAGOYA
Unit of heredity a woman talked of GENE
Obstacle rocking inn hard by church HINDRANCE
Old bird on a lake outside EXTERNAL
How to make Aryan invent excuse? spin a yarn
Fresh start for dimwit in Oz OUNCE
Clubs in midday match but outcome not in doubt NO CONTEST
Cashing in? It’s true, I confess REALISING
Callaghan sardonically accepting record of his speeches? HANSARD
Bishop fell after broadcast, being dizzy SCATTERBRAINED
Intends to move European minister’s accommodation MANSE
In army almost turn blind eye to married woman SIGNORA
Steer clear of a chasm AVOID