The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 09 17

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Give up, indeed, finishing early QUIT
Gordon Riots, involving a mounted infantryman DRAGOON
Mobile can disturb poor alto PORTALOO
Painter of geologer oddly missed out green EL GRECO
Remove lead from centre of rung? Exactly! unplumb
Seemed to be copied eating fruit APPEARED
Some hero yearned to return long ago YORE
Throws, around lord, protective barriers SHIELDS
Tom boozes regularly, producing a bit of wind OBOE
Vern’s old lady’s fancy women’s hats dolly vardens
Disappointment, what Rapunzel’s done to her hair! LETDOWN
Dickensian bad guy, barren, destitute BARNABY RUDGE
Carmelite, maybe around ten, finding Pope’s representative NUNCIO
Become exhausted in rush to visit daughter RUN TO SEED
Bag is right one for GP to possess GRIP
A lovable eccentric, primarily ABOVE ALL
Take part of judge in The Archers HEAR
Senseless British game BLOTTO
See you put biblical books on stand, removing key a bientot
Rule out supporting a learner one's interested in alive to
Reference book's chapter on critical politician DIRECTORY
One group has difficulty concealing evidence of operation pilot light
Lawman's refusal to wait put queen off once NOTARY
Give licence to overtake PASS
Dodged nettle going into hut SHIRKED
China's in marginally overlapping dioceses, it appears SEEMINGLY
Belief of immodest Hapsburg leader in Reformation METHODISM
Battle-hardened horse and rider set off DESTRIER
Assistance to motorists so GPS isn't misused? SIGNPOSTS
A question of gender and class FORM
1 across prepared complex work schedule for members order paper
Prison commotion STIR