The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 09 15

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Latin dictionary limiting charge INDICT
Language game needs new beginning LINGO
Noblewoman’s fiddle, item of value must be returned CONTESSA
No servant recalled duke, a very special chap DIAMOND
Mooch about, indulged from time to time IDLE
Curious child, but likely to succeed? odds on
Reporter’s accommodation is delightful SWEET
Count up Es in street — most distressing! SADDEST
Bachelor lounged about in club BLUDGEON
Kitty in retro blouse? POT
Target to raise before retiring COCKSHY
Some work by British composer BERG
Six slices no use, having turned green? ENVIOUS
Physicist’s brief fussily interrupting archdeacon van allen
Parties of Americans do extensive gardening job in SE England? HOEDOWNS
Instigator captured in massacre at orphanage CREATOR
Keen on local couple getting a hearing INTO
From puzzle Learner to Victor: congratulations! MAZELTOV
Dance floor — let it be firm! FLAMENCO
Courts controversy, ultimately displaying guts all round INNYARDS
Couple quizzically raised one’s casually viewing broadcast EYEBROWS
Cockney’s shed tears to stun old bounder KANGAROO
I teach PT badly. Sorry! PATHETIC
Base, centre for ironworks, was heaving WRETCHED
Head knocking bishop out on one occasion ONCE
Ad hoc term for recent coalition government? Name to censure CONDEMN
Get rid of hut in garden SHED
Get a grip! PURCHASE
Endeavour to protect old Conservative TORY
Save one’s partner? HUSBAND
Story about one’s guide PILOT
Detective inspectors try to show revulsion DISTASTE
Crises one mishandled in slump RECESSION
What a jury looks for out of hearing? SOUNDPROOF
Matches used when building is in flames? SEMIFINALS
Catches heartless politician’s alternative take on past HERSTORY
African having quit ought to return at intervals HUTU