The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 05 28

crossword answers
Clue Answer
A sort of dance? Move slowly if necessary AT A PINCH
Better organised revolutionary holding one childish opponent back TIDIER
Confirm escape of wild animal? BEAR OUT
Fresh United back finally ready DEWY
Is youngster allowed to eat here? CANTEEN
Liked a river, but forced to divert round it CARED FOR
Lily has a special house key ASPHODEL
Me and my best friend? SETTER
Members of union run into worries BROTHERS
Poison developed from a protein ATROPINE
Similar-sounding old name given to animal and insect ASSONANT
Some medicine stolen? One may win in court DROP SHOT
Stage a new abridged production of The Cherry Orchard GEAN
Start bland description of restaurant experience INITIATE
Such an office aiming to eliminate handwriting? open-plan
Suspended, getting in bloody fast GO HUNGRY
Thought anyone but myself available NOTION
Two dots, for example, representing small island COLONSAY
Wicked Olympic city unfortunately unsafe to tour NEFARIOUS
Barium processed in Italian region UMBRIA
Before noble, one queen EARLIER
Burrowing animal, or llama I'd cooked! ARMADILLO
Club is in district of Washington and capital of Ohio DISCO
Days in March initially quite dark DIM
Drop awful crude joke, finally REDUCE
Eggs for two people, ultimately ROE
Fruit gobbled up by little mongrel LEMON
I see what you're saying! LIP READER
Imagine extraordinary red feline returning DREAM UP
In need of opening, kitchen passage ALLEY
Money trimmed, small figure ONE
Notice working? Exactly! SPOT ON
Pelt despicable group SHOWER
Reddish-brown colour one's seen in mushy peas SEPIA
Shop offering drunk ale, no regrets! GENERAL STORE
Short day in warmer African country SUDAN
Some mistake by ambassador reversed, perhaps MAYBE
Thought of French being set free DELIBERATION


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