The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 05 27

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Support for line I found in European capital mostly — about time VIADUCT
Accepted statement from a football team over millions AXIOM
Hates breaking dish ASHET
Upset by grasping old ruffian YOB
Horse runs around in tar MARINER
Unhappy DIY’s made complicated DISMAYED
Clubber gazed around, taking in Croatian capital ZAGREB
Scottish landowners in Los Angeles — one’s crossing road LAIRDS
Regret accepting level income REVENUE
Which two hints are taken initially? THAT
A fine story and easy to relate to AFFABLE
Novel style of energy weapon — disintegrating ray EPISTOLARY
More wary of large stranger LEERIER
What drivers use dearest place to get contents of pump? PETROLEUM
Dog suffering modern ban DOBERMANN
Pay due regard to board KEEP
Pensioner storing it around courtyard PATIO
Praver’s verse, a line ignored by eg Brunnhilde KYRIE
Some words for actor are mostly a former script LINEAR A
Vision of some past foxtrot champion retaining beat FLASHBACK
Went carefully arranging good deed EDGED
What’s needed for a mobile phone mount CHARGER
What’s used for draught in county hospital or site left empty SHIRE HORSE
Cat put in bag — hard to bear STOMACH
Ease, lazily at first, into a set ALLAY
Strangely stark limestone landscape KARST
Leading journo travelled back across it EDITOR
Sketch Madeline, a temptress, in part! DELINEATE
Update umpire concerning his having missed one over REFRESH
Get angry, grabbing fine weapon RIFLE
Like tiny particles of mosaic, but different SUBATOMIC
Mighty impressive record in charge EPIC
Primarily, intelligence and love combined IN ONE
Recalled unsophisticated French spa town EVIAN
Remove stunted vegetation SCRUB