The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 05 26

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Lift remains of drink HEELTAP
Collector opposed mine, right away ANTIQUARY
Numbers including crazy folk who can't settle? NOMADS
Random 'Notes on a Small Island' seen in Circle Line OCCASIONAL
Coach line supporter SLEEPER
Respect quartet I left in town CIVILITY
Holy figureheads transformed into Spartans PATRON SAINTS
Boy, turning ten, always poetic as writer of verse SONNETEER
Element of watery discharge swamping part of UK RHENIUM
Farmer, an Argentinian who fought between rivers RANCHER
Sword penetrates a breast — just part of it SABRE
Notice dispute off course ADRIFT
Deposit, say, posh pharmacist in Hebridean stack LUMP SUM
English judge inspires fighter to leave country EMIGRATE
Bung joint in bloke's case BRIBE
Current measure in Soho upset cleaner SHAMPOO
Flies before noon found in deep litter JETSAM
Girl's back impeding soldier's view from premises SYLLOGISM
Green where spring water comes from, seen travelling west NAIVE
Group punching glib country fan PATRIOT
Hide needlework display in Edinburgh TATTOO
Like Simon or Herb SIMPLE
Occupants of house provided in scruffy 28 LIFE PEERS
Run under superb service tree ACER
Squirm on TV and lie about dummy act VENTRILOQUISM
They reflect action sure to curb traffic primarily cats-eyes
A bad person in charge holds me up at university? ACADEMIC
Apply to go up and down REFER
Conservative on mission for mastery CONQUEST
Couple who wrote American novels? TWAIN
Joining a couple of hundred, accompanied by rebellious noises ACCESSION
Looked to have organ around church GLANCED
Mechanic showing skill if joined by decorator ARTIFICER
Resin supplied by servant releasing key LAC
State of old character residing in British India BRUNEI
The best ointment? CREAM
Wasted energy involves everyone as a rule GENERALLY
Where to drink during November INN