The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 05 20

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Heart perhaps shown by referee RED CARD
A good finish on a list of tasks AGENDA
Needing to play, sad losing slide GLISSANDO
Be a frequent contributor to rally previously? BEFOREHAND
Most unusual small carriage — it's for madame SCARCEST
Bottle comes in plainer version NERVE
Looking for a queen's wrapping paper AFTER
Virtually hopeless wit NOUS
Fool: a Belfast one? NITWIT
Conspicuous success of retro cape in story ECLAT
Fond glances from one in woolly coat? SHEEPS EYES
Weary judge heartlessly put on JADED
Carbon-capturing plan one set up brings accolades ENCOMIA
Pretty good rides to be had here FAIR
Better articles penned by graduate for boss TOP BANANA
Constant choler aroused involving mass burial site CROMLECH
Crate bound by stripped narrow raised band ORCHESTRA
Desires profits by close of day YEARNINGS
I clean out boils to protect against infection INOCULATE
Live carefully, supporting daughter DWELL
Message I put in flimsy cover returned EMAIL
Press introducing American backed no 1 sewing aid PINCUSHION
Pull out most of pages LEAVE
Singular pong surrounding gardens out of place SKEWWHIFF
Surplus from old church stores cleared out EXCESS
Writing certain to lose initial consistency TEXTURE
Army officers raced for corner shop GENERAL STORE
California city began to collapse into lake LONG BEACH
Children’s character strange to find in New York NODDY
Curtsey for your uncle? BOB
Emergency call very singular SOS
Energy wasted upon gadget get-up-and-go
For example, spots upcoming heavy meal STODGE
Inoculator’s incomprehensible speech JABBER
Now notice is put up in miniature TODAY
Reflective and retiring, keeping at home SHINY
Settle account, always after pressure PAY
Sort of shirt, one of a set of eighteen? TEE
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