The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 05 19

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Copy of Henry Green taken round ECHO
Group of countries taking part in a tournament NATO
How to sum up foreign nobleman COUNT
Time away from poor old American native INDIGENOUS
Double whiskey — canned? TWIN
Giggling butcher chopping head off LAUGHTER
Piece of data, a single line added to one paper STATIONERY
Philosopher tours east, warning of danger BEACON
Love alluring woman no end: time for action? ZERO HOUR
Romantic occasion meeting duke in old hat DATED
Admired appearance due for revamp: read on! looked up to
In secret, observe landlord INNKEEPER
Son has a long way to go, but looks happy SMILES
What one is allowed to eat in foreign parliament? DIET
Alarm not starting properly RIGHT
Apparently good place for orchestra and singer PIPIT
Family must follow as well understood TOOK IN
Grab fruit, two packs a penny SCRUMP
In turn, doctor very brave just opening heart BOSOM
Nostalgic feelings when head lost income EARNINGS
One gives a convict life, as an interim measure STAY OF EXECUTION
One million after tax IMPOST
Problematic gift of cocaine polished off POISONED CHALICE
Such a mammal’s position on a trail regularly overlooked PLACENTAL
Tool order Charlie has left for workers INSTRUMENT
You lovely beaches! So many? THOUSANDS
Capture talent Raphael possesses ENTRAP
Dish gin out — it’s a party! SHINDIG
Downing tools? That’s impressive STRIKING
Fall of scoundrel involved in case CASCADE
Grapes I chewed, making a mess PIGS EAR
Having turned up, adds water to casserole STEW
Horrible old Democrat promises to pay ODIOUS
It’s an achievement whichever way you look at it DEED
Lamb too frisky for lottery at fete TOMBOLA
Perform Cosi Fan Tutte, perhaps at half-term OPERATE
Protesting Republican not doing too well RAILING
Reportedly a sum lent independently ALONE
Rings after husband leaves? Oh dear! OOPS
Story a Ted once made up ANECDOTE