The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 05 04

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Animal seen moving around Pacific native MELANESIAN
Brute force said to break good man SADIST
Contrary to opinion, week appears, ultimately, a long time YONKS
Creature putting leg under twice BISON
Device locating companion in part of New England MACHINE
Egyptian god, determined SET
Figures, slightly retrograde DATA
General claims as support for property transaction LEASEBACK
Instrument shaken roughly about, mine inspiring ridicule primarily TAMBOURINE
Kind of door finished twice? up-and-over
Native American people almost as tribal, oddly, in European country CROATIA
Party in minutes ending in government — probable landslide? NO CONTEST
Possibly, lewd queen worried doctor ADULTERATE
Redeeming quality in old batsman after keeper's job? SAVING GRACE
Take in tenants every so often EAT
Two Georges taking a test VIVA
Witness watching over, perhaps? ATTEST
Back company in engaging American relative SECOND COUSIN
Bring up easily portable car part REAR LIGHT
Consistency of old Tyneside head ONENESS
Drive carelessly, running front of taxi into foreman OVERSTEER
Edges of double bed cut down to size DEBUNK
Excessive tax? Not to Eire, surprisingly EXTORTIONATE
Horse initially noted at Goodwood NAG
Kid taken to court by police at last SUEDE
Martial art expert in town in Japan NINJA
Misguidedly ask Hector for a biscuit SHORTCAKE
Moderated bad temper displayed in commercial ABATED
Old-fashioned books about university OUT
Person who’s tested an explosive device in river EXAMINEE
Player on stage removing agent’s head ACTOR
Regrets accepting Liberal regulations RULES
Star sign giving protection to a shrewish woman VIRAGO
Workman excited over pieta OPERATIVE


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