The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 05 03

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Fool left in bed CLOT
A lot of tennis outfits SETS
A solemn proposal brought about love's consummation APOTHEOSIS
Amount put up to house a grand priest MAGUS
An effusive talk masking one's pain ANGUISH
Assemble notes for broadcast RAISE
Cleric entertaining nonconformist leader shot at table CANNON
Cooking fish after commotion in front of guest STIR FRYING
Dad bags country house's top fish PIRANHA
Desperate horse close HAIRLESS
Dig in remains of fruit said to bring disease BERIBERI
Due to kill first fly WING
Global song in parts ROUND
Ground, i.e. Regent's Park, given national status SERENGETI
Harrow playboy? RAKE
Load intercepted by English lieutenant remains in vessel HEELTAP
Offensive cackle breaking on street ONSLAUGHT
Person having very little money left SOUL
Pitiful debilitating affliction like case of lurgy MEASLY
Principles I lowered for singers BASSI
Revile harmful gas American imported CUSS
Toppled tyrant ultimately disgraced, beheaded TUMBLED
Tramp is some hiker travelling westward TREK
Trendy daughter is presented poorly INDISPOSED
Vet relishes flexing arm SHIRTSLEEVE
A hart rising after injury, quite fit RIGHT AS RAIN
About to move round striker in later game RETURN MATCH
Anti-regalia, possibly, being against class distinction EGALITARIAN
Area of frozen water? Heading away from edge RINK
Article put behind sailors in drink ABSINTHE
Asian island language used by programmers JAVA
Church provided most of item for baptism — material for gown? CHIFFON
Cold areas? One cold area turning up here ICECAPS
Equipment given to school is trashy stuff KITSCH
I’m supporting exercises, right? Wrong IMPROPER
Militia crazy to jettison leader ARMY
Note on area identifying low points MINIMA
People here are often told to go to blazes FIRE STATION
Precise account supported by clergyman ACCURATE
Prosper — not, say, going backwards GET ON
Resonant scheme supported by man PLANGENT


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