The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 04 30

crossword answers
Clue Answer
A daughter overlooked by son is out of sorts SAD
American cannon got from vehicle when given order CAROM
Ancient city grasping a way of buying up prize TROPHY
Carry piece of sound equipment suggestive of ritual? TOTEMIC
Cavity in heart needing attention MIDDLE EAR
Guide soldiers over Dartmoor landmark? MENTOR
Hack possibly putting run in stockings? HORSE
He'd get reform, if violently FREEDOM FIGHTER
Host briefly entertaining monster, a sort of accountant COMPTROLLER
Illicit drink about to be removed, leading to a kerfuffle hoo-ha
Ladder lets one escape from dilapidated building RUN
Lunar domain — no sea, awfully lumpy NODULAR
Married chum's brought into Middle East location as investigator OMBUDSMAN
Maybe rabbit turned and ran, being disconcerted RUFFLED
One drug-dealer, short worker at end of street offering cocaine? STIMULANT
Restaurant offers excellent crumble, sweet course served retro-style TRATTORIA
RIP! Old females depart quickly TEAR OFF
Room for keeping a type of food HALAL
The bird — he avoided dog TRAIL
Theatre food is tasted again REPEATS
Thief beats up beloved in Paris SNATCHER
Very good bed's embroidered decoration PICOT
Absolute order RANK
After grave message, enemy's beginning to be mature RIPE
Batsman, maybe, feeling more pain, having secured century SCORER
City torn apart when captured by crazed male MONTREAL
Fifty retained by firm before certain shutdown CLOSURE
Full agreement, we hear PACKED
Knight, slippery type entertained by monarch, is showing obeisance KNEELING
Material from learner you incorporated in advertisement POLYESTER
Material in reef, cold on examination CORAL
Negative word about good person is unpleasant NASTY
No longer having money in chest BUST
One seeking perfection? One limited by silly details IDEALIST
Play around as one fitting tobacco into pipe? TAMPER
Rich pet at sea in vessel PITCHER
Sailors in flat-bottomed boat showing heart KERNEL
Think about new sin in revised credo CONSIDER
What's carried by tutees, say — some submissions to tutor? ESSAYS
Whisky kept in jar? Yes RYE
Wits needed for children's game MARBLES


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