The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 04 29

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Feeler put out by worker upset girl ANTENNA
Bookish type succeeded, anger being expressed SCHOLAR
By virtue of being fighting man, following a colour AQUAMARINE
Corrupt record separates Democrat from party DEPRAVE
Enemy agents quietly dropped next to a shrub SYRINGA
Firm turning off current to make wiring safe for government office CONSULATE
Have a home not left to turn dirty LEWD
Largely excused, lolled around rear of bar: perfect EXEMPLARY
Make fresher talent vie to be broadcast VENTILATE
Make weird changes, even more unstylish DOWDIER
Many turning up old doctor injected, chancy business TOMBOLA
Moved a mile to make address better AMELIORATE
Moving awkwardly after dispatching large cotton sheets WADDING
One’s fired up here to hold flat-warming party? LAUNCH PAD
Rough treatment in battles over wood RAW DEAL
Shortly up and about, I’m sparkling ASTI
Staff given a hint: uniform is missing cuff MANACLE
Stuff children, offering garlic RAMSONS
Wow: lovely piece of plasterwork CORNICE
Affable country bumpkin crossing lake PLEASANT
Bones sailors primarily identified TARSI
Broadcast simple melody AIR
Camel roamed freely in arid environment DROMEDARY
Frail food store pet beginning to eat DELICATE
Holiday in bay? RECESS
Main issue in spring, for example SEASON
Old French coin I examine, like some friars FRANCISCAN
Site incorporating a luxurious dwelling PALACE
Stoical stout girl’s spasmodic twitching FATALISTIC
Supporter on course initially tackling English exam TEE
Tropical plant Auntie originally donated AGAVE
Upturn beer cask to find a little food NUT
Work trapeze artists are ill-advised to have? NONET
WWII commando using Asian language in court CHINDIT


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