The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 04 28

crossword answers
Clue Answer
A kind, endlessly boring pro, one mainly seen in Victoria? PLATYPUS
Ballgame beauty packs a pistol BAGATELLE
Bookish student on route, forsaking home LITERARY
Brilliant wool supplier fills empty jail JEWEL
Calm when opening tablets EASE
Chest patient's brutal cure worked TUBERCULAR
Cross about prize, one of many on display in Harley Street? DOORPLATE
Do what crier did — sound familiar? RING A BELL
Hard toenails have broken hard bit of shower HAILSTONE
Judge and trustee in blue missing Sierra find work here? JOBCENTRE
Money smuggled into football club FRANC
Nobody rings first of today's papers (twelve) NOONTIDE
Old paper breaks secret gently SOFTLY
One introduces medal impressed by Europeans EMCEE
Popular musical regularly billed 'Unavoidable' INEVITABLE
Safeguard Poles in English river ENSURE
See one rat on entering block briefly BISHOPRIC
Traffic controller caught individual CONE
What machine gunners do seconds after tanks STRAFE
Agony as Dicky hugs Ian ANGUISH
American saloon re-used anisette bottles SEDAN
Beer keeping one very animated ALIVE
Behold, start of week makes you depressed LOW
Briefly sample new sacred song PSALM
Dull agent demanding payment DUN
Grass going back inside garden wall LAWN
Hairstyle for busy people? BEEHIVE
I might need a ruler, me — a certain king? MEASURER
Insubstantial fare I prepare roughly about start of Christmas RICE PAPER
Not exactly a part for a girl CAROLE
Remove coarser elements from puzzle RIDDLE
Set to be in church BATCH
Sight of German — is one inside? VISION
Unusual kite etc, one not made of paper e-ticket
Word of apology, large, not small, one’s articulated? LORRY


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